Reinhold Metz, CMC

Reinhold Metz started his culinary career as manager of his family’s hotel restaurant after successfully completing three apprenticeships in culinary arts, baking & pastry arts, and dining room service. He has worked as Chef Instructor at a German culinary school, where he also held the position of Executive Chef of the school’s dining facilities.

Chef Metz drew on this experience to write a respected series of food service textbooks, widely used by German apprentices in culinary arts, dining room service, and hotel management. He also authored two cookbooks, Die Kalte Küche and So sollt Ihr kochen. He developed his own line of specialized kitchen utensils for the Rösle Company, a manufacturer of top quality kitchen utensils.

Chef Metz’ achievements as a member of the German Culinary Olympics team led to his role as organizer of the 2004 Internationale Kochausstellung also known as Culinary Olympics, which is held every four years in Germany.

Chef Metz also served as European Continental Director of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and Chairman of the European WACS conferences.

Distinguished Achievements & Awards

  • Golden Toque Award
  • Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit)
  • President’s Medal, American Culinary Federation
  • Honorary Member, American Academy of Chefs
  • Honorary Member, Japanese Cooks’ Association
  • Honorary Member, Israeli Chefs’ Association
  • Former President, German Chefs’ Association
  • Order of the White Rose of Finland
  • WACS General Secretary, Vice President and Continental Director for 16 years WACS Extraordinary Lifetime Award
  • The medal of Raymond Vaudard CCAA