The MasterChef’s Institute partners with Chefs Roll to offer comprehensive and unique product and marketing support

It gives us great pleasure to announce the formation of a new, dynamic partnership between Chef’s Roll and the Master Chefs’ Institute. This partnership will offer current and future clients its full-service product testing and Seal of Excellence programs in addition to our wide-reaching marketing and social media approach, photo and film production capabilities, and a chef community of over 2 million followers across our various platforms.

Chef's Roll is well positioned to produce and provide brand and product awareness to chefs and foodservice professionals worldwide. We do so through curated, in-house designed programs, allowing our audience to be educated on innovative and top-quality brands, products, ingredients, and equipment. With the power of film, storytelling, and social media, our content is seen by an in-demand target audience of millions, including chefs, foodservice operators and consumers.

The Master Chef test itself is rigorous and systematic, evaluating a product by utilizing anywhere from 140 to 4,000 test points. Products are compared to Certified Master Chef standards, considering factors including taste, texture, aroma, applications, versatility, and product claims. Results are compiled into a comprehensive report, with more in-depth analysis and metrics not always evident to the product manufacturers. The Master Chefs’ Institute testing, and Seal of Excellence program have enhanced the product appeal of many national and multinational companies and its value was most recently enhanced by a consumer survey, indication a high 88% purchase influence for products that have earned the Seal of Excellence.

The seal isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a commitment to maintain the standards of quality, thus earning the clients’ and public’s trust. Products that qualify for the seal can display it on packaging, in advertisements, media platforms and brochures based on a customized licensing agreement, usually lasting for 5 years.
This new partnership between Chef’s Roll and the Master Chefs’ Institute will supercharge our ability to continue identifying and working with only the highest quality products. Look out for more content featuring MCI-approved products coming soon.

About Us

The Master Chefs’ Institute is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of culinary excellence. Our Certified Master Chefs® test and evaluate foods, beverages, and equipment and award the coveted Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence only to those products that meet our stringent quality standards.

What Is A Certified Master Chef®?

The title of Certified Master Chef is the industry’s highest professional designation earned after a 10-day intense testing and only 74 chefs can claim this status today. We are honored that 10% of the Certified Master Chefs in America are associated with the Master Chefs’ Institute.

Our team
Recognizing excellence


Our panel of Certified Master Chefs conducts blind and open testing in professional kitchens and labs under real life conditions, evaluating quality and performance against comparable competitive products. Every product tested receives a comprehensive report detailing all findings and indicating if the product has qualified for the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence.


Icon Star Master Chefs Institute
The Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence

The Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence is awarded to products that have achieved the Master Chef standard of quality.

Icon Report Master Chefs Institute
The Master Chef Report

Shows exactly how your product measures up on a wide range of testing parameters.

Icon Cutlery Master Chefs Institute

Receive invaluable feedback and recommendations from the world’s culinary experts.

Icon Touch Blanche Master Chefs Institute

Get advice and assistance based on extensive culinary experience and foodservice expertise.

Icon World Master Chefs Institute
International Outreach

Receive expert guidance on how to successfully launch product or marketing initiatives internationally.



We are honored to welcome these Certified Master Chefs to the Master Chefs’ Institute.

Brian Beland Master Chefs

Brian Beland

Brian Beland

Certified Master Chef

Executive Chef Director of Food and Beverage, Country Club of Detroit

Jonathan Moosmiller Master Chefs

Jonathan Moosmiller

Jonathan Moosmiller

Certified Master Chef

Executive Chef, Southern Hills Country Club

Daryl Shular Master Chefs

Daryl Shular

Daryl Shular

Certified Master Chef

Executive Chef, Atlanta Athletic Club

Master Chefs' Institute is dedicated to preserving the highest standards of culinary excellence



The Master Chefs’ SeaI of Excellence signifies that your product has achieved the Master Chef standard of quality.
  • Your company receives invaluable feedback and recommendations from the world’s culinary experts.
  • The Seal tells chefs and consumers that credible, independent experts have evaluated and certified your product.
  • Your product stands out in a competitive marketplace as superior in quality to the competition.
  • The Seal can be used in your marketing efforts.
  • Eric Brandt
    “We have proudly displayed the Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence for over twelve years and the seal supported our image as the foremost provider of premium natural beef in America.”
    Eric Brandt
    One World Beef
  • Peter Headon
    “As a company with a game-changing technological breakthrough, Frylow turned to the Master Chefs’ Institute to independently test and certify our claims, which qualified our catalytic devise for the Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence.”
    Peter Headon
    President of Operations