The Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence is awarded to products that have achieved the Master Chef standard of quality. It sends a powerful message to customers, media, and peers that your product is judged to be superior in its quality and application. Click here for more information on The Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence.     The detailed, comprehensive Master Chefs’ Report shows exactly how your product measures up on a wide range of testing parameters including taste, texture, appearance, aroma and consistency. The report includes all pertinent data, a thorough review of product strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for marketing, product improvements, unique applications and packaging. Click here for more information on the Master Chefs’ Report.  
    Receive invaluable feedback and recommendations from the world’s culinary experts. Our blind product testing is conducted exclusively by Certified Master Chefs in professional kitchens and labs under real life conditions. Our testing and analysis provides quantitative results that are complete and unbiased.     The Master Chefs Institute provides advice and assistance based on extensive culinary experience and foodservice expertise. Consulting services include restaurant operations, menu design and development, food research and development, food and beverage systems, and culinary education.  

    We use our international experience and influence to bring important insight and sound advice to companies launching product or marketing initiatives internationally. We hold leadership roles in the World Federation of Chefs, connecting us to over eight million members.