What’s it like working with The Master Chefs’ Institute? How are our clients using the feedback and recommendations they receive? Read about it here.

Eric Brandt

Brandt Beef

We have proudly displayed the Master Chefs Seal of Excellence for over 12 years and the seal supported our image as the foremost provider of premium natural beef in America. The Master Chefs’ Institute tested our beef against three competitive brands and found the entire line of Brandt Beef to be superior in taste, texture and tenderness. Just recently we started operations in our new processing facility, which will enable us to continue to serve a larger constituency with the highest quality of Brandt Natural Beef products.”

Peter Headon

President of Operations

As a company with a game-changing technological breakthrough, Frylow turned to the Master Chefs’ Institute to independently test and certify our claims.  The Master Chefs performed over 250 test points and confirmed the Frylow photo-catalytic devices provided superior performance with all popular friend foods, which enhanced economic and quality aspects of all items tested using the Frylow technology.  Furthermore, the Master Chefs’ Institute has been actively supporting our ongoing marketing efforts."