The Master Chefs’ Institute is dedicated to recognizing and promoting excellence in foodservice and retail products. Our Certified Master Chefs® test and evaluate foods, beverages, and equipment and award the coveted Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence only to those products that meet our stringent quality standards.

How our customers benefit from the test

  • It confirms product quality and performance.
  • It represents a third-party independent verification of product claims.
  • It is performed by Certified Master Chefs (only 74 in the entire country).
  • It examines the product cost/value relationship, versatility and provides detailed analysis for food service operators.
  • The test report provides an opportunity for product improvement through building on its strength and major attributes.
  • It provides feedback on product application and packaging.

What is the Value of the Seal of Excellence?

  • The seal is the food service operators’ trusted quality assurance.
  • It provides the chef/operator with important data and analysis to make better purchase decisions.
  • The seal promotes your product in a competitive marketplace as superior in quality and performance compared to the competition.
  • It is based on the trust and confidence that the MCI seal has established since 2004.

The combined Benefit of engaging MCI and Chefs’ Roll

  • It provides proven product evaluation and brand marketing.
  • It offers a full-service support to marketing and sales efforts.
  • Promotes products to 1.7 million of foodservice professionals of over on various platforms.